Best Online Casino Bonuses For Australians

Welcome to the best online casino bonus list in Australia. You’ll find a free bonus, exclusive prizes and other lucrative rewards by accessing these platforms. But, do these bonuses come with no strings attached? You will learn about some points that will clear out the speculation about these bonuses. Furthermore, you will learn about the Wagering Requirements you need to turn the bonus into money that you can withdraw. Other aspects like gaming contributions and House Edge are also considered to keep things simple and understandable. This is your ultimate guide to understanding the best casinos in Australia and their free bonuses.
Online Casinos With the Best Bonuses
Top 1



Up to AU$1500 in 3 Bonuses

Deposit Options

Bitcoin EcoPayz Ethereum InteracLitecoinMasterCardNetellerSkrillVisaZimpler+6
Top 2



A$1000 + 150 FS

Deposit Options

Bank Transfer Bitcoin Ethereum LitecoinMasterCardNeosurfNetellerSkrillVisa+5
Top 3



A$3000 + 200 FS

Deposit Options

Bitcoin EcoPayz MasterCard NeosurfVisa+1
Play now


Up to A$3,000 + 350 Free Spins

Deposit Options

AUD Bank Transfer Bitcoin EcoPayzEthereumLitecoinMasterCardNeosurfVisa+5


AU$4500 + 225FS

Deposit Options

AUD Bank Transfer EcoPayz iDebitInstadebitInteracMasterCardNeosurfNetellerPaysafecardSkrillVisa+8
Fast Pay
Fast Pay


A$150 + 100 FS

Deposit Options

Bitcoin EcoPayz Litecoin MasterCardNeosurfNetellerPaysafecardSkrillTrustlyVisa+6


50% up to A$150 + 50 FS

Deposit Options

Bank Transfer EcoPayz MasterCard NeosurfNetellerSkrillTrustlyVisa+4


100% up to A$750 + 100 free spins

Deposit Options

Bank Transfer Bitcoin EcoPayz EthereumLitecoinMasterCardNetellerPaysafecardSkrillVisa+6
Stay Casino
Stay Casino


$5000 + 300 FS

Deposit Options

Bank Transfer Bitcoin EcoPayz EthereumLitecoinMasterCardNeosurfVisa+4
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Guide To Activate Free Casino Bonuses

It’s not difficult to claim your rewards. You just have to pay attention to the platform that you’re using. Each has a unique process, but most work on a similar method. So, here is a brief overview of tips to help you claim the online casino bonus:

  • Click on any of the above-given links to access the Aussie casino website.
  • There, you will see banners for rewards/prizes available. In most cases, you will have to click on these.
  • They will ask you to complete the registration process. Most casinos offer bonuses to their players.
  • Once you complete the registration, things get a little more instructive.
  • Depending on the type of bonus you want to claim, each process varies. For instance, you might receive a promo code at the email address you provided. When you deposit to the Casino account, you can apply this promo to receive a bonus on top of the money you deposit.
  • Similarly, you might also receive a free signup bonus that is already available in your account.
  • Free spin bonuses might depend on the game you play. Some casinos also offer an option to claim a prize each day, consecutively. For example – 100% bonus on deposit for 1st day, then 200% on the second day and so on. Some would have it as a Monday bonus, Friday bonus, and so on.
  • Once you claim the Online casino free bonus, you can use it like regular money. You can go ahead and play any of the games and wager it.

Online Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions

When checking out the bonuses in a top Australian online casino, remember that every bonus comes with terms and conditions. These point out all the bonus-related details, such as:

  • How you become eligible for the bonus – For example, if it’s a deposit bonus, T&C will state the minimum deposit and how much the casino gives once you add the funds to your account.
  • Bonus expiration date – Every bonus and promotion in the casino comes with the expiration date, and T&C will contain that information.
  • Wagering requirements – These requirements represent the number of times players have to wager through the bonus before withdrawing a winning related to the bonus.
  • Game limitations – In some cases, bonuses can be spent on specific games, especially bonuses that come in the form of free spins. If the cash casino gives you can be spent on a specific type of games or particular titles, that’ll be stated in bonus terms and conditions.
  • Winning caps – A winning cap shows the maximum sum of money you can win using the casino’s prize.

Before you claim any bonus in the casino, carefully read the terms and conditions. In addition, ensure that T&C are reasonable, especially wagering requirements. If the conditions and requirements are too hard to fulfil, it’s always suggested to find another casino that offers something better.

Points To Remember For Online Casino Bonuses

There’s no doubt that the bonuses that online casinos offer are pretty enticing. That’s the whole point of their implementation. They help attract people to come and play. However, there are some points that you need to understand before you claim them:

  • There are different types of Australian online casino bonuses. You can get a percentage on the deposit, a fixed amount, free spins and others. Each type of bonus has a specific requirement for you to claim.
  • Each online casino has its standalone Terms & Conditions. So, before you claim the bonuses, you will have to read them. That’s where things like the ‘Wagering Requirements’ and ‘Playthrough’ come into play. You will learn more about these terms below.
  • Casinos often incorporate a unique bonus for the type of player you are. For example, you might win free slots for spins. Some rewards are exclusive to a specific game, as well.
  • Even after claiming the bonus for playing, depositing, or registering, you could still be open to new casino bonuses. Many gambling platforms add Birthday bonuses, festival bonuses, weekly bonuses and many other options for you to try.
  • Remember that Bonuses with % always have a limit to them. For example, if it says you get a 100% bonus, you might also have a hidden clause of ‘up-to.’ For example – %100 bonus up to $500. It means that even if you make a $1,000 deposit, you will only get $500 max as a bonus.

The objective of most of these rewards is to keep you engaged in playing the game. It enables you to spend more money without worrying about the losses too much. None of the casinos online in Australia are foolish enough to offer free money without some clause. So, it is time for you to dig deeper and learn about these.

Requirements For Online Casino Bonus

As you already know, bonuses are there to motivate people to use real money. Most casinos work on the ‘deposit bonuses’ where you make a deposit and get a percentage on it.

For example:

  • You get 200% for making a deposit. So, you deposit $100 and receive that amount + $100 more from the casino.
  • So, your total balance is $200 and not the $100 you deposited.

It sounds like easy money, right?  There are specific terms and conditions before you can withdraw this money. Most casinos will have a minimum amount limit on the withdrawal. In most cases, it is more than the amount they offer as a casino bonus

So, it could be $1,000 while you receive a $100 bonus and so on. But that’s just the basic overlay. There are many terminologies and mechanics at play here. You need to understand game restrictions, contributions and playthrough. These will help you learn how the best online casino bonuses work.

Expiration Of Australian Online Casino Free Bonus

Do the casino bonuses expire? Often, only the period of claiming them expires. But you don’t have to worry. At that point, the casino is bound to introduce a new reward for you. Most casino bonuses won’t expire from your account, either. You can use them until you exhaust them or win more.

But, once again, it could also depend on the casinos. Most will enable you to keep them for as long as you like. But some prizes are limited in use and could only last a couple of days for you to use and play. At that point, it is like having free in-game money.

Wagering Requirement For Casino Bonuses – Playthrough

Bonus Wagering is also known as ‘Playthrough.’ The online casinos will use one of these terminologies. It means how much you have to wager on games before you can claim the bonus.

For example:

  • You receive a $10 bonus, but the playthrough is ten times the bonus.
  • So, 10 x 10 is $100.
  • So, to turn your bonus money into real money, you have to wager at least $100.

The above-given example works for a simple  Casino online bonus where no multiple (percentage) is involved.

But, what do you do when a percentage or multiplier is in the equation? Here’s a breakdown:

  • Suppose a casino is offering around %100 -match bonus- and up to $200.
  • So, you deposit $100 and receive $100 extra as a bonus.
  • Let’s say the playthrough is 10x of the deposit and bonus.
  • So you will first have to total the deposit and bonus. i.e – $100 + $100.
  • Then multiply with 10. So, $200 x 10 = $2,000.
  • That is how much you wager from your end before you can claim your bonus rewards for real money.

This is also where Return To Player, or RTP (the payout percentage), comes into play. Most Aussie casinos offer 90% to 98% RTP. It means that you will most likely receive most of your wagered money back. But, not always, as it is still a game of chances.

Game Contributions And Restrictions For Australian Casino Bonuses

Apart from the Wagering Requirements, the latest casino bonuses may come with a Game Contribution.

Game Contribution is the percentage of the wager that is eligible to fulfil your Wagering Requirements.

Let’s learn from an example:

  • Let’s say a Blackjack has a 25% Game Contribution rate. So, you wager $100. The 25% of $100 that is $25 will be counted for your Wagering Requirement, not the entire $100.

Another example:

  • Let’s say you receive a $100 bonus with a 10x Wagering Requirement. The game you play has a Game Contribution rate of 50%.
  • So, first of all, your total Wagering Requirement is $100 x 10 = $1,000.
  • Now, when you play a game with a contribution rate of 50%, it means $1,000 / 0.5 = $2,000.
  • You will have to wager a total of $2,000 to fulfil the Wagering Requirement of $1,000 set on the bonus.
  • So, if you have a 100% Gaming contribution rate, you will just have to wager $1,000. If it is lower, like %25, divide with 0.25, and that’s the amount (i.e., $4,000) you will have to wager to fulfil the Wagering Requirement.

House Edge On Casino Bonuses Australia

Now, as you might realise, it is not that easy to reap bonus money. It comes with plenty of terms and conditions. Of course, these conditions would depend on the Aussie casino you’re a member of. But, there’s one more point that you have to pay attention to House Edge.

Almost every casino game has a House Edge in percentage. Most times, it seems negligible at around 0.5% or lower. Some might have it higher at up to %5. But what is it?

It is the percentage of wager you’re most likely to lose to the game and on the wager. Here’s an example:

  • You wager $1,000 on a game with a House Edge of 0.5%. That is around $5. So, you’re playing a bet and will win only $1,000 – $5 = $995 back.

Does it make a significant difference in the bonuses, Wager Requirement, and Game Contributions? It sure does. Here is a good example:

  • Imagine you get $100 with a 10x Wagering Requirement. So, you have to wager around $ 1000 to fulfil and own the bonus money for withdrawal, right?
  • Then you have 25% of the Game Contribution. So, you effectively have to wager around $1,000 / 0.25 = $4,000.
  • Now, you have a 0.5% House Edge. So 0.5% of $4,000 is $20.
  • This is the amount you will lose in theory.
  • You got a bonus of $100. So, you get 100 – 20 = $80 net profit.

If you change the numbers slightly, it can make a more significant difference. Here’s the loss side:

  • You get a $500 bonus. The Wagering Requirement is 40x. So the total is at $20,000.
  • The game contributes around 25%, so you need to wager $80,000.
  • You have an RTP of around 95%, a House Edge of about 5%.
  • So $80,000 x 0.05 = $4,000
  • Your initial bonus was $500. So $4,000 – $500 = $3,500.
  • You had a total loss of $3,500.

But that is just an extreme case. Most casinos have very minute calculations, much closer to the previous example. The values used in these calculations are not absolute but theoretical to give you an idea. Most Casinos are pretty fair, and people have been able to break even or even profit from it.

Conclusion – Top Casino Bonuses

So, you’ve learned about the best casinos in Aussie and the bonuses they offer. You’ve also learned about the mechanisms and T&C that are into play. Remember, this is just to spread information and awareness. The terms and policies of different platforms may vary. Some may not have a hard-imposed Wager Requirement or Game Contributions.

It is worth it for you to check things out. So, go ahead and claim your casino bonuses today!

FAQs - Free Online Casino Bonuses

Can You Withdraw The Bonus Money To Your Account?

You first have to fulfil the Wagering Requirements. Once you meet the Wagering Requirement, you will own the bonus money like your real money. Then, you can withdraw it to your account. Of course, the casinos might have limits like the minimum or maximum amount you can withdraw.

Can You Use Mobile To Claim Casino Bonuses Online?

For the latest casino bonuses, new casinos offer mobile gaming. Most have updated to be available on it. Therefore, you can conveniently access it on your phone and claim the bonuses. But, just to be sure, check the Casino and its compatibility. You can only claim bonuses if it has a mobile website or platform for you.

Are Free Spin Bonuses Better Than Other Best Casino Bonuses?

Free spins are part of the Australian online casino free bonus in most cases. It allows you to play games without wagering the money. But, there may be different Game Contributions and Wagering Requirements for these. You will have to check T&C. Typically. They are better as you’re not using any real money and stand a chance to win big.

Do You Have To Make A Deposit To Get Casino Online Free Bonus?

Not necessarily. There are different bonuses, and a ‘No Deposit Bonus’ in an Aussie Casino means you won’t have to make a deposit. These rewards are lesser in amount compared to the deposit bonuses (e.g., $10 or $15). But, you can use them, and they might also have the same Wagering Requirement limits.

Where Can You Use The Exclusive Casino Bonuses?

You can use the casino bonuses to play the games on that specific platform. There’s no way for you to transfer it to an account at another Aussie Casino. You can turn them into real money by meeting the Wagering Requirements and understanding the gaming contributions. After that, you can withdraw them to use anywhere you’d like.

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