Best Online Blackjack Australia: Comprehensive Guide

This is your one-stop for finding the best blackjack online casinos in Australia. You will learn about the bonus they offer and the initial rating based on the average user review. If you’re looking for how to play blackjack online, you will get a complete guide. The guide explains various options, terminologies and the winning ratio. You learn some valuable tips and the advantages of playing online blackjack. If you have any doubt, the FAQs at the end will clear them for you. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start learning and winning!
Best Australian Online Casinos to Play Blackjack
Top 1



Up to AU$1500 in 3 Bonuses

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Bitcoin EcoPayz Ethereum InteracLitecoinMasterCardNetellerSkrillVisaZimpler+6
Top 2



A$1000 + 150 FS

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Bank Transfer Bitcoin Ethereum LitecoinMasterCardNeosurfNetellerSkrillVisa+5
Top 3



A$3000 + 200 FS

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Bitcoin EcoPayz MasterCard NeosurfVisa+1
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Up to A$3,000 + 350 Free Spins

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AUD Bank Transfer Bitcoin EcoPayzEthereumLitecoinMasterCardNeosurfVisa+5


AU$4500 + 225FS

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AUD Bank Transfer EcoPayz iDebitInstadebitInteracMasterCardNeosurfNetellerPaysafecardSkrillVisa+8
Fast Pay
Fast Pay


A$150 + 100 FS

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Bitcoin EcoPayz Litecoin MasterCardNeosurfNetellerPaysafecardSkrillTrustlyVisa+6


50% up to A$150 + 50 FS

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Bank Transfer EcoPayz MasterCard NeosurfNetellerSkrillTrustlyVisa+4


100% up to A$750 + 100 free spins

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Stay Casino
Stay Casino


$5000 + 300 FS

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List Of Best Online Blackjack Australia

Here is a quick list to help you find the best online blackjack Australia platform. Beyond this list, you will find a guide:

Name BonusRating
Joe Fortune$5,000 + 30 Free Spins9.8/10
Jackpot City%100 Bonus + 100 Spins10/10
Queen Spins$1,500 + 6 Additional Bonuses9.6/10
Royal Vegas%100 Bonus9.8/10
Red Dog Casino2x Slot Bonus + 30 Free Spins9.4/10
Bet365%100 Bonus Up To $2009.4/10
National Casino100% Bonus + 100 Free Spins9.3/10
Spin Casino100% Bonus9.3/10
Woo Casino100% Bonus + 150 Free Spins9.3/10
22 Bet100% Bonus9.2/10
CasinoNic$1,200 + 6 More Bonuses9.2/10
BitStarz$2,000 or 1BTC + 180 Free Spins9.2/10
AussiePlayUp to $12,5009.1/10
IgnitionUp to $3,000 for Bitcoin8.9/10
PlayAmo100% Bonus + 100 Free Spins8.7/10


Blackjack Online Basic – Learn To Play

Blackjack is a fun and easy game to play that almost anyone can get into. Blackjack Online is not that different either. Depending on the game’s rules and versions, things might change a bit. But, you will learn more about it as you read. There may be some mechanics and options missing, but you have the benefit of time. What does that mean? Keep reading:

The Aim Of Blackjack Online Game – The Number 21

Blackjack is quite a classic game that mixes maths and probability for you. There is one set of 52 cards in the game. Each card has a specific value assigned to them. Your objective is to ensure that the total of the card’s value should be 21 or less. The closer to 21 you are, the better. Having precisely 21 means that you have won the online Blackjack.

Understand The Card Values

  • The number cards have a value equal to the number they have (1 to 9). For example, if you have 1 of Hearts and 9 of Spades, the total value you have is 10.
  • The face cards have a value of 10. It means that King, Queen and Jack, each have a value of 10. For example, if you receive a King of Diamonds and 9 of Hearts, your total value is 19.
  • Aces often have two values, but they can also depend on the game and its rules. Aces can either be 1 or 11, depending on the game set. For example, your ace will be treated as one if it comes out as a Hit card. When it is one of the first two cards, it can be treated with an 11 value. However, if you Hit and reach a value higher than 21 with an additional card, the ace will be treated as 1. It is quite a benefit you receive.
  • The colour and type of card don’t matter in Blackjack.

Playing Against The Dealer

You are not playing against the other players on the table. Often, blackjack is a single-player game. But, there can be others added to the table. In a multiple player blackjack game, the one with the hand’s value closest to 21 (or total to 21) will win.

This being said, if you are playing one-on-one, you will have to go first. When you go first, you will have plenty of options to choose from. Primarily, there is a Hit and Stand option.

Hit Vs Stand In An Online Blackjack Game

When the game begins, you will receive two cards, and so will the dealer. The dealer will have one of their cards faced up. You will have both of your cards face up, revealing the number that you have in total. In this case, you get to choose to Hit or Stand.

  • If you choose Hit, it means that you will receive one more card from the deck. You can select Hit as many times as you would like.
  • The ‘Stand’ is when you are satisfied with the cards and their total value. If you choose to Stand, the dealer will have to reveal their second card, as well.
  • If the dealer’s two cards total below 17 in value, the Dealer will have to ‘Hit’ for themself. In other words, they will have to draw a card to add value to their cards.
  • If a dealer Hits anything above 21 after Hitting, they bust. But the same applies to you, as well.

Bust In Casino Blackjack Online

The bust is when either the players (You or the Dealer) goes above 21 in card value. Any of the players who go bust first loses. Remember. As you go first, you have

online blackjack

the chance of going bust before the dealer. After all, you will have to choose to Hit or Stand before them. If you decide to Stand, then the probability will shift to the dealer. Now they can decide whether to Hit or Stand. Oncethey reveal their card, the above-given mechanics of Hit vs Stand also apply to them.

There’s also a PUSH feature in some of the online Aussie casinos for Blackjack. Push occurs when both the dealer and player end up with the same value, or even 21. It is essentially a tie, in which case, you receive your initial wager back.

Insurance Offer And Surrender In Online Casino Blackjack

This is a unique feature, but only a few Online blackjack games will offer it. When the dealer’s hand has a face-up Ace as one of the two cards, these options open up. Once this happens, you will receive an insurance offer from the dealer.

The insurance offer allows you to wager on whether their second card will be of value 10 or not. If it turns out to be 10 values, you will only lose half of your wager. Thus, you will receive the other half back. But, if the second card isn’t of 10 value, you will lose your Insurance offer.

Another option for you is to Surrender. You can use this once you get both of your cards. If you have no faith in your hand, you can choose to surrender. You won’t Stand or get Hit, but you will lose half of your wager back.

Double Down For Online Gambling Blackjack

This is a fantastic opportunity that you will receive in the best online blackjack casino. The double down option will pop up after you receive both of your cards. If you choose this option, you will receive one more card (Hit), and that’s it. If that card gets closer to 21 than the dealer’s, or make a 21, you will find.

Doubling down can be a risky move because once you use it, you will have to Stand with whatever value you get. But, if you win, you will get double the reward in return than what you’ve bet. For example, if you bet $10, you will receive $20 if you win.

Split – Another Online Gambling Blackjack Feature

Split is another enticing option that many blackjack games will have. But, you will have to check the rules of the game that you’re playing. After all, not every Blackjack online casino will have this option.

  • Once you receive both of the cards, you can choose an option to Split. It is also known as ‘Splitting the hand.’
  • Splitting the hand will treat both the cards that you have as individual hands. In simple words, it is like you have two hands (or playing as two different players).
  • Now, you will have to Hit, and each of these cards will receive one more card. You will Hit as many times as you like until you go bust or Hit the blackjack value of 21. Except with Aces. If you split aces, you will receive one more card with a Hit, that’s all.
  • If one of the hands goes bust, you won’t lose. You will still have the other hand to play.
  • Remember that if you decide to split, you will have to wager again. Some games also allow you to double down with the split.

Remember, not every Blackjack Online Australia casino will have this option. You will have to read the rules/guide and mechanics to see if the option is there. Some games won’t allow splitting. Others could allow as many as to split up to three times to end up with four individual hands.

Online Blackjack Games Wager

The wage depends on each game, and you, or the person in charge of the table, can set the value. In most cases, the wager can be from a couple of cents to hundreds of dollars. It all depends on how much you are willing to bet. When you’re in the game, you don’t get to increase the bet or wager more money. But, some other options allow you to either reduce the loss or increase the win a bit.

Typical 1:1 Ratio For Wins

In most cases, you will have a payout ratio of 1:1 if you win. It means that you will get twice the amount you wagered. For example – If you wagered $10 and won. You will receive your initial wager of $10 plus $10 more. This is the classic ratio that almost every online Blackjack game offers.

Insurance Bet (2:1)

As mentioned earlier, if you use an Insurance Bet, you will only secure half of your wager. That is also only if your dealer does get the 21 value. So, if that happens and you bet $10, you will receive $5 back.

Some players use this option to increase their winning reward and odds. Once they have King and Ace in hand, they would use Insurance. This ensures that they will receive half of their money, and if they win, they will also receive the official wager win.
This is more of a preference for the players.

King And Aces For 3:2 Winning Ratio

If you have an Ace and King as your hand, you will only receive 50% more of the wager you put in. In other words, your winning ratio becomes 3:2. This is because it is a safe hand, and there’s virtually no way to beat it unless you tie.

For example: If you wagered $10, you would receive that back, plus $5. So your total win will be $15 and not the usual $20. Even the Best online casino blackjack would have this sort of payout ratio.

Time Limit On Blackjack Online Game

When you play online blackjack, there’s no time limit in most cases. That’s the best part about an online casino. In a real-life game, you will have to think and act fast. But in most online casinos, you will have plenty of time. That is until you chose a blackjack game with a time limit.

So, it means that you have the freedom to think and act. There may be different options available for you as you play.

Tips To Play Blackjack Online Australia Better

Now that you’ve learned about the Best online blackjack, it is time to pay attention to some of the essential tips. These will help you prepare better. Even the pro players should keep these in mind, and rookies will undoubtedly benefit from it:

Play Blackjack Online Free

Before you get into playing for the money, it is time for you to check and play blackjack online free. As you might have heard, practice makes proper (or perfect), and it is also valid for Blackjack.

Blackjack is the game that requires you to predict. You learn to gauge probabilities from experience. So, before you start playing for money, give practising some time.

Hit On Soft 17 Or Less

This is a strategic tip. A lot of folks out there will hesitate to Hit if they get 17. It is understandable not to Hit if you get a higher value than 17. But, you should Hit if you have a lower value. The probability of getting a lower value card is much higher.

If you Hit, your card dealer would also have to Hit. Thus, you Stand a possibility of winning. The value 17 is the lowest safe Stand that you should take.

Don’t Opt For Insurance.

Insurance is just there to test your merit, the willpower you have. If you don’t have faith in your hand and can win, you will take insurance. People often take the easy way out. With insurance, they think that they are losing money. But if you accumulate it, this could be a significant loss.

If you treat each loss as critical, you will learn not to take insurance. Let’s not forget that insurance only works if the dealer gets 21. The probability for that is usually less than 30%. So don’t waste it.

Try Not To Split Higher Value Cards

If you get two 10s or 9s, you might not want to split. It is better to stick to your cards because it is still the closest you will get. Two 9s also mean a total of 18. As mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t worry about Standing as long as you have a value lower than17. So keep Hitting. This also applies to the split.

But remember, the more you split, the more you’re wagering. With each split, your wager doubles. So, it is better to think carefully about it. Are you going to receive the entire payment back or just half the win? Think about it before you make a choice.

Another tip to split is when you have lower cards like 4s or 5s, and your dealer has a higher value like 5, 6, 7s. In that case, you can change the flow of the game and win better.

Hit If Dealer Has A High Card

If a dealer has a high-value card, and you have a low-value card, don’t be reluctant to Hit. A lot of new folks make the mistake of backing out. This is where you should move in and take the command. Hit, and you will have a better probability of winning.

How? Because if your healer has a high-value card total, they could end up with a total higher than 21 and going bust. That is what you’re looking for, and that is what you should do.

Conclusion – Blackjack Online Real Money Bonus And Wins

Now you’ve learned everything you need to know about playing blackjack online as an Aussie. You can use these valuable tips to visit the top website’s list and start playing to win. But remember, as mentioned, try to get some practice in. Learn to play in demo mode before you start playing at an online casino for real money.

Practice this in a healthy way, don’t turn it into an addition. If you keep these points in mind, you will always have more fun. Who knows? You might end up joining the online blackjack tournament.

FAQs - Best Online Blackjack Australia

Is It Necessary To Play Blackjack Online With Real Money

No, there’s no need for you to play online blackjack with real money. Many platforms will offer you a ‘play for fun’ experience. Even the online casinos will offer a superb choice of games where you won’t have to spend a dime. You can use these to play or practice for fun.

Can You Play Blackjack Online With Friends?

Yes. Many casinos offer you a way to play blackjack online with friends. But, there will only be one victor, and you’re not competing against each other. Each player will compete against the dealer. It also depends on the casino or the software, if it allows you to play with friends or not.

Is There A Need To Download Or Install A Software To Play Australian Blackjack Online?

It would depend on the casino, as well. Most browser-based platforms won’t require you to download anything. They load the resources, and your browser stores them in the cache. You might need the high-speed internet, though. But, a few Aussie casinos do come with software you might have to download for an immersive experience.

Can You Trust Online Casinos For Blackjack In Australia?

You can follow an authentic and authorised list. A well-curated list will help you get legal casinos. You can trust these online casinos as they even have certification. If you’re unsure, you can go to the bottom of the casino’s website and check for the accreditation logo. If there is none, you can leave.

Can You Count Cards In An Online Blackjack?

No. Blackjack online is essentially based on the RNG mechanism. The cards aren’t set, and you can’t count them. These are some of the features that make online blackjack casinos more secure than offline. There’s no chance of cheating for anyone. Aussie casinos aren’t rigged either.

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